Belvidere Manor Hotel

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to travel (or utilise the accommodation and services previously confirmed), cancellation fees may apply.

A change in the length of stay or dates of your reservation is subject to availability and may result in a rate change. A revision made to a booking may also constitute a cancellation. In case of shortened length of stay, the cancellation policy will apply for the cancelled nights.

If a booking deposit must be refunded, please note that any debit/credit card surcharge or currency fluctuation is unable to be refunded.

Cancellation, early departure, and no-show fees incurred are the sole responsibility of the client and will be charged accordingly as follows:

  • 14+ days before arrival: Deposit refundable
  • 14-7 days before arrival: 50% of full booking rate non-refundable
  • 72 hours before arrival: 100% non-refundable
  • No-show: 100% non-refundable

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